Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Speaker, Journalist, and Parent Educator.


Katherine Reynolds Lewis

is an award-winning independent journalist, author and speaker based in the Washington D.C. area. She speaks on the subjects explored in her book, The Good News About Bad Behavior (PublicAffairs, April 2018), which explains why modern kids are so undisciplined, and how innovators are rebuilding lost self-control, resolving family conflict and changing the trajectory of young lives. Katherine is a certified parent educator with the Parent Encouragement Program in Kensington, Md. 

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Katherine Reynolds Lewis on The Doctors

Katherine appears on The Doctors daytime TV show to discuss teen depression and anxiety, and what adults can do to help.


Katherine Reynolds Lewis Speaking at Politics & Prose in Washington, DC

Clips from Katherine's conversation with Amy Joyce, editor of On Parenting, The Washington Post, at Politics and Prose bookstore, from the book launch for The Good News About Bad Behavior.


Katherine Reynolds Lewis on Stand Up! With Pete Dominick

Audio from an episode of the radio show Stand Up! with Pete Dominick, with Katherine as the featured guest.


"For our children to learn self-control, we must stop controlling them."

- The Good News About Bad Behavior


Katherine Reynolds Lewis Media Appearances

Katherine Reynolds Lewis media appearances — including on television in Australia, Baltimore, Boston, Milwaukee, Washington, DC, and Seattle — for The Good News About Bad Behavior book.


Katherine teaches parents and educators innovative and effective discipline methods drawn from her research. 

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As a Speaker

Katherine will discuss her observations on why children are less disciplined than ever, and how modern parenting methods have quietly undermined childrens' ability to self-regulate. She recounts what she discovered during five years of research on the subject, and describes a new theory of discipline that could reverse the trend: "The Apprenticeship Model."

Find out what previous event hosts have to say!

Come hear Katherine speak at an upcoming event!


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