“Every parent should soak in as much as they can from Katherine Reynolds Lewis! She is a warm, engaging, knowledgeable and dynamic individual who brings a fresh approach to parenting. Her message was clear - our world today is different, children today are different, and we need a different way to approach parenting if we want to raise strong, happy, healthy, resilient, capable children. We had a room full of parents of infants through elementary school children hanging on her every word and story, and each person left Katherine's talk that evening with tangible ideas to bring home to positively impact their parenting. It was an absolutely pleasure to work with Katherine and her team and I would recommend her to any community!” – Mara Braunfeld, director, The Bert and Sandra Wasserman Center for Family Life, Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan

“The Glenbard Parent Series hosts about 40 presentations per year and has been in existence for over 25 years. Ms. Lewis’s important discussion received some of our highest evaluations ever!  Her program was the perfect mix of research science and practical application. It was filled with takeaways and strategies that could be put to use immediately — something our community values greatly  You know you have a true expert on hand when each audience-generated question is handled with skill and intelligence. This is one speaker we can’t wait to welcome back to GPS.” – Gilda Ross, Glenbard Student and Community Projects Coordinator, Glen Ellyn, Ill.

“We were delighted to include Katherine Reynolds Lewis and the important topics of discipline and self-regulation in our 2018 Discovery Museum Speaker Series. Katherine presented an engaging and dynamic talk to a sold-out room of more than 200 audience members—parents, teachers, caregivers, and interested community members. She also gave a great deal of her time to those guests who wanted to have a book signed or ask a question after the presentation. In our follow-up survey, audience members described Katherine as 'candid,' 'well-versed,' and an 'excellent speaker.' Coordination of the talk was fluid and seamless; it was a pleasure to work with Katherine and her team.” – Marie Beam, chief development officer, Discovery Museum, Acton, Mass.

“Katherine Lewis is an engaging speaker with insights into today’s kids’ behavior and what’s underneath. She provided real answers and tools for both educators and parents in our community. Katherine’s intelligence and solid research as well as her humility and humor allowed her to connect with diverse audiences. If you have the opportunity to hear her speak, it is worth your time!” – Amy Lovell, president, REDgen, Milwaukee, Wis.

“Katherine Reynolds Lewis provided a welcoming and engaging space for all to listen, learn, and inquire about children today and their behavior. One of our staff even used one of Katherine’s methods in a text to her child that very evening. The Good News About Bad Behavior is a book all adults who engage with children – from parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles to educators – should have in their arsenal. It is an invaluable resource in how adults can interact with youth and get positive, lasting results. We are grateful Katherine was able to stop by the J in San Antonio on her book tour, and encourage all who are able to attend one of her lectures.” – Allison Cornwell, Adult & Cultural Arts Production Director, Barshop Jewish Community Center, San Antonio, Tex.

“We invited Katherine Reynolds Lewis to speak to our community as part of the School’s annual lecture series event. In her presentation, she gave parents and educators clear tips – and most importantly, actionable suggestions – on how to implement the valuable strategies she shared. It was great to be able to provide our parents and teachers with a different perspective from an outside resource on managing and communicating with kids. We enjoyed her visit to Country Day and highly recommend her to other schools and communities.” – Kef Wilson, Head of School, The Savannah Country Day School, Savannah, Ga.

“Katherine’s workshop spoke powerfully to the parents and educators of Enfield Public Schools. Her explanation of how kids are developing differently today made a strong case for adults changing our approaches. She offered specific tools that participants took home to improve their children’s behavior without playing on parents’ guilt. I recommend her to any organization looking for inspiration, practical advice and research-backed recommendations.” — Jennefer Ryan, Key Initiatives to Early Education, Enfield, Ct.

“Katherine Reynolds Lewis has written THE book, advising parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, coaches, and anyone who works with children how to help kids self-regulate behavior. The Women of Washington Hebrew Congregation invited her to speak to a group of moms, grandmas, and teachers to teach us about how to help kids learn to be confident and independent. She is dynamic and is as talented a speaker as she is writer. Katherine Reynolds Lewis is delightful, humorous, and at ease engaging an audience of all ages. As a former educator, and now an experienced psychotherapist, I can attest to the wealth of valuable information in her book and the way Katherine gets her message across. I have already loaned out my four copies of her book to parents and grandparents (and haven’t gotten them back!). Katherine Reynolds Lewis has it right - our old ways of discipline don’t work anymore.” — Ellen Miller, president, the Women of Washington Hebrew Congregation

“As a new administrator I found Katherine’s program highly valuable. I learned that our children today truly are different. Children and teens today are facing serious mental health issues and need our support. I walked away resolved that continually punishing students who struggle with anxiety, depression and mood disorders will not correct behaviors. Students need more support and intervention with social skills, executive functioning and self regulation. Katherine’s presentation has shaped the way I tackle issues with students and certainly how I approach families about seeking additional support for their child.” — Christy Eichhold, assistant principal, St. Aloysius Gonzaga School, Cincinnati

“Thank you so much for the enlightening conversation with our MCCPTA Presents last night! You are a wonderful speaker! I heard so many rave reviews from the attendees and I know I personally walked away with so many more 'tools' in my parent tool box.” – Erin Clegg, vice president, programs, Montgomery County (Md.) Council of Parent-Teacher Associations

“Your book changed our life. It came at the perfect time. We have a 3-year old girl (with great leadership potential! very independent) and a 6-year old boy. We didn't understand why our parenting methods weren't working and had no idea what to do. When my sister-in-law recommended your book, I was excited but thought, "There is no way I can read a book! I'm a busy, working mom and rarely sit down." Well, I started reading a little before bed and then found it so addictive that I finished your book in record time. I was motivated to action. I signed us up for a PEP webinar on encouragement and implemented many of the strategies you discussed in the book. We've seen significant changes in our son and daughter when we are practicing the tools you mention in your book. Although we are still learning (and trying to remember to be consistent!) we finally see how we can have better relationships with them and help them grow into independent, self-motivated, confident young adults.” – A.B. mom of two

“Katherine Reynolds Lewis is a master of educational journalism and one of the wittiest, most engaging speakers you'll ever hear. As a keynote speaker as ASJA's national conference, her presentation made it clear why she continues to win kudos and fans as she sets the gold standard for the next generation of journalists and authors.” – Nancy Dunham, 2018 Conference Co-Chair, American Society of Journalists and Authors

“Thank you for providing our keynote presentation for the alumni group of Wisconsin’s Governor’s Trailblazer Awards for Women in Business and the members of the Wisconsin Women’s Council. Your presentation was entertaining, informative and hit just to right tone for an audience of CEOs. Your impressive knowledge of best practices from leading corporations, across industries and across the country, went a long way to shift perceptions of skepticism for addressing caregiving as a workplace issue (too costly and disruptive) to the potential for “win-win.” Your knowledge of the business world and pressures on business owners gave you a credibility with the employer community that can be hard to find on this issue. And, candidly, a potentially uncomfortable topic, your stories and anecdotes kept them laughing and engaged.  I was also very pleased that the presentation generated a lively discussion with (and among) the audience. Best of all, I continue to hear from attendees who were inspired by your address and are now thinking differently about ways to engage their workforce on this issue. Thank you again for shining new light on this topic with your knowledge, research and amusing anecdotes. I hope we can bring you back to Wisconsin as we continue this discussion with employers across our state.” – Christine Lidbury, executive director, Wisconsin Women’s Council

“Katherine Lewis is a valued, long-time parenting educator at the Parent Encouragement Program where she has worked with hundreds of parents to share with them PEP's positive parenting approach to raising confident and resilient children.  PEP is honored to be profiled in her new book, The Good News about Bad Behavior, and we strongly recommend it for any parent looking to instill in their children the qualities for becoming successful, independent, and compassionate adults.” The Parent Encouragement Program